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Unleashing Joy - How Creativity Opens Boundless Spaces In Your Life

Creativity can contribute to your well-being, whether you plant a garden, restore an old piece of furniture, paint, or find yourself on the other side of a camera lens. Overall, it plays a vital role in bringing balance to your life.


You often become busy with work, family, and friends throughout your days. Something is constantly tugging at you to do, fix, and care for. Finding ways to break the cycle and have fun is an important balancing point.


What brings you joy in your life? I love long walks, meditating, reading, and making additional time for gardening or photography, all of which joys my heart. When I find myself running on empty, I make time to enjoy some of these. It's not a waste of time as you may think when your to-do list is long; it gives you more mental and physical energy.


Finding ways to express yourself is not just for children. As an adult, you must also unleash joy and explore new forms of stress release by engaging in creative activities. Much like meditation and breathwork, you become present in the moment when you are creative. Your focus is engrossed in a creative task, and you become mindful of your actions.

By immersing yourself in a creative process, you enter a state of flow where you’re fully absorbed in the activity, helping to shift your focus away from stressors. You are promoting relaxation and a sense of calm.


When your attention becomes focused on an activity, you often think outside the box, which can help you find new ways to foster resilience in other areas of your life. There is an Einstein quote about doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. If you keep doing the same thing day after day and expect things to change, I’m afraid you may end up stuck.


Creativity does not require you to be a professional at something; instead, it’s about finding something that resonates with you. Unleashing joy by nurturing your creative side also helps to balance your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This opportunity encourages you to be in the present moment and sets up possibilities of doing something different, perhaps looking at things differently.

Doing this may open a channel for new light within yourself and your relationships with others. Create a little breathing space in your life, open your heart to joy, and let that light spread to those around you.



Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces


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