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Our management team.

Gene Wang

Gene is a natural entrepreneur with relentless determination. He is a 4-time CEO who led his first company through a successful IPO, sold his second company to Agilent, and his last company to HP. A pioneering innovator, Gene is today leading the research and development of next-generation home care services as Principal Investigator for a landmark caregiver study funded by the U.S. National Institute on Aging.


Gene earned a degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley. In his spare time, Gene leads the People Power Band as an avid musician.

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

Carol Bowers

Carol is a senior finance executive with a broad finance background across various disciplines of finance, from Operations Finance to Corporate Finance.  She has led finance teams in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Diagnostics, Capital Equipment, Digital Therapeutics and eCommerce industries, bringing a diverse industry background to People Power. In all of her roles, whether they have been at start-ups or billion-dollar companies, Carol becomes an integral part of the business with a focus on the customer and delivering results. 

Chief Financial Officer

Greg McCarthy

Greg is a talented home care industry expert and visionary, with 30 years of experience across many segments of the industry, including patient care management, physical therapy, and modern aging in place systems. He is passionate about helping deliver human and technology solutions for people in need of homecare after a stay in the hospital or skilled nursing facility, or those who simply benefit from in-home technology that helps monitor their wellbeing.


Greg is a weathered ex-rugby head and avid U2 and Dave Mathews fan. He enjoys his free time with this wife and two young daughters, who keep him happily on the run – figuratively and literally.

Senior Vice President, Healthcare

Chris Ebert

Chris has more than 25 years of international experience in sales, business development, strategic product marketing and product development in the Internet and wireless IP industry including AI + IoT and Digital Health - with a proven track record in establishing strategic relationships and partnerships with Tier-1 service providers at all levels including C-suite executives. He is expert at assisting companies in defining and bringing new technologies and recurring revenue services to market, having played instrumental roles in the introduction of key technologies, from most recently AI + IoT Senior Care and Energy services, 5G & 4G, Video 2.0, Cloud and SaaS, including the roll out of the first wireless data networks and bringing the internet to wireless phones and devices. ​

Chris is passionate about technology and enjoys time with his children, hiking, biking, live music and home restoration projects.

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Americas & EMEA

Simon Wright

Simon has spent over 20 years in enterprise business environments, leading business units to success for corporations, building new corporate value through Open Innovation, and driving market adoption for startups. By aligning core technology, business model advantages, and early customer traction, Simon is able to build robust strategies that have repeatedly delivered shareholder value. Most recently, Simon has led a startup from concept through to multi-million dollar sales, securing major clients and expanding the business from its tactical niche market beachhead to new verticals and international sales. Simon brings passion to everything he does, helping individuals to improve their performance and taking teams to the next level of achievement. Having worked in Europe, Asia, and the US, he is a true global citizen and believes in the benefits of cultural diversity for achieving success in today’s global workplace.

Vice President, Customer Success

Jason Caslavka

Jason is a usability expert with over 23 years of experience in design and development. Jason has designed enterprise web applications for large scale businesses like Hewlett-Packard and Sprint and he has also developed web sites and corporate identities for startups like XPAND Corporation and Victory Enterprises. In addition, Jason has worked on retail web stores like Ralph Lauren and designed and built web sites for Federal, County and City governments.


Jason believes the best way to improve usability is by studying your users. Watching your customers interact with what you’ve designed, identifying the stumbling blocks and making adjustments where necessary is critical to improving customer satisfaction.


Jason likes hiking, biking, camping and pretty much every outdoor activity he’s tried.

Chief Experience Officer

David Moon

David Moon is result driven executive with over 19 years of experience working with software development, Information Technology and Program/Project Management. He brings with him an energetic management style and expertise in managing and developing IT/Technical Operations, Security and Program/Project Management for startups.

Prior to joining the People Power executive team, David was the Director of Programs and IT. As one of the core team members he exhibited his passion and dedication to People Power’s visions and team. Prior to People Power, David was the IT manager for several other companies with teams across a distributed work force (Toronto, Laguna Niguel and Beijing). His knowledge of systems, services and process development has allowed him to managed and provide an excellent quality of service with the minimum of resources.

Vice President, Engineering & Security Officer

Greg Foley

​Serving as People Power’s VP of Quality Assurance and Customer Service, Greg brings a wealth of knowledge to the critical mission of assuring quality in all the company’s products. A natural problem solver, Greg’s academic achievements conspire with his east coast tenacity to show results. He holds a degree in Physics with a minor philosophy – perhaps the perfect amalgam of disciplines for a professional in his position. As a native of Massachusetts, Greg followed his passion for software development, finding his home out west and working his way through the ranks – from intern to VP positions. For more than two decades, Greg has focused on software and hardware development, quality assurance and customer service with companies like Google, Seven Networks, Advent Software and Bitfone. Passionate about travel, Greg looks forward to broadening his experiences beyond Europe and Asia and today remains a proud and enthusiastic New England Patriots football fan.

Vice President, Quality Assurance & Customer Service

Harri Okkonen

​Harri is a senior executive with global business experience in a variety of growth stage enterprises including medical device, mobility, healthcare and regulated companies. While serving in high-visibility positions, Harri has participated in negotiations of several successful merger and acquisition transactions involving US, European and Asian companies. His first opportunity to serve People Power’s CEO, Gene Wang, was at Bitfone, a leading technology provider of over-the-air firmware updates for mobile devices that was acquired by HP in 2007. Having guided the launch of numerous startups, Harri has been called upon by venture capitalists and investors to serve as interim CEO or COO to create rapid turnarounds of companies challenged with suboptimal business performance in India, Korea, the United Kingdom and Finland.

A resident of Finland, Harri relishes moments of serenity with his wife and dog while on nature walks in the stunning surrounds of Lapland, followed by fine French or Italian foods.

Senior Vice President of European Partnerships

John Teeter

​John brings to People Power an incandescent 40-year history in the electrical and technology industries. As a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House where he participated in both My Data and Open Data initiatives within the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, along with driving innovation at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the General Services Administration (GSA), John is the company’s Chief Scientist in addition to his responsibilities as People Power’s Digital Protection Officer (DPO). His early engineering experience with Hewlett-Packard and Honeywell Information Systems focused on international standards in the areas of distributed information systems. John was a founder and VP of Engineering at Gold Hill Computers, bringing the tools and technologies of artificial intelligence to the commercial marketplace.

Focused on bringing a unique point of view to the articulation of systems, standards, and services and a longtime citizen of the Gem State (Idaho), John loves fresh air, open terrain and blue sky opportunities.

Chief Scientist & Data Protection Officer

David Moss

David is a visionary with unstoppable energy. David has led the team at People Power to commercialize and patent an AI technology platform that enables Caregivers to collaborate in new ways, with the help of customizable Virtual Assistants (AI bots), for daily care of their loved ones. David is also the inventor of the Presence Camera app, which gained international fame by transforming old smartphones into security cameras and reached the top 0.1% of revenue generating apps on the Apple App Store.

David plays trumpet in the People Power Band and focuses almost exclusively on Chopin on piano.

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Our board of directors.

Gene Wang

Gene Wang is Executive Chairman and co-founder of People Power. A pioneering innovator, Gene is today leading the research and development of next-generation home care services as Principal Investigator for a landmark caregiver study funded by the U.S. National Institute on Aging. Gene was previously Chairman and CEO of Bitfone, an industry leader in mobile phone device management, which sold to Hewlett-Packard in 2007. He was CEO and Chairman of Photo Access, which sold to Agilent in 2000. As CEO of Computer Motion, a leader in medical robotics, he led the company through a successful IPO in 1997. Previous to that, Gene was Executive Vice President of Symantec where he managed four divisions and helped double annual sales. As VP and General Manager at Borland, he drove development and sales of the C++ programming language to more than a million users. Prior to that, Gene was co-founder and marketing leader at Gold Hill Computers, an Artificial Intelligence company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Executive Chairman

David Moss

David Moss is CEO and Co-founder of People Power Company. At People Power, David architected and commercialized a novel AI and IoT Platform to deliver family-centric recurring revenue services for homes and communities through tier-1 service provider brands, including senior care, security, and energy management services. David also created the Presence Camera app, a first-of-its-kind IoT freemium model app that gained international fame and a position as the top 0.1% of revenue generating apps on the Apple App Store by transforming spare smartphones into cloud-connected security cameras. Prior to People Power, David worked with Rincon Research Corporation to architect and deploy extremely low-power wireless sensor mesh networks in some of the most rugged and challenging environments ever faced by wireless sensor developers. David previously worked with Bitfone Corporation where he was responsible for integrating Bitfone’s revolutionary Over-the-Air Firmware Update technology into tens of millions of Motorola phones. David’s open source contributions have been used by thousands of developers worldwide, and his AI+IoT technology has been installed into the private homes of millions of families.

Will Graylin

Will is a successful, serial entrepreneur who has started six companies since obtaining two Masters degrees from MIT. OV Loop is his fourth mobile payment startup. The three prior were LoopPay (Sold to Samsung and now SamsungPay®), Way Systems (sold to Verifone®), and ROAM Data (sold to Ingenico®).


Will has been an executive leader and board member for Fortune 500 companies, a military officer, and is an active philanthropist. Will joined Indigo in 2019 as CEO to bring Indigo's technologies to commercialization.

Greg McCarthy

Greg is Senior Vice President, Healthcare, at People Power. As a home care industry expert with more than 30 years of experience in consumer, agency and institutional care, Greg designed a popular software solution, Tri-Cura, that enables homecare agency services to be administered easily and predictably. Tri-Cura was purchased by People Power in 2020. Through this acquisition, McCarthy joins the People Power Board of Directors and becomes Senior Vice President, Healthcare. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of California Davis, and a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas.

Jerry Fiddler

Jerry is the principal/CEO of Zygote Ventures ( He has helped create and grow a number of companies, as CEO, director, chairman, investor and advisor. Mr. Fiddler is the founder of Wind River and was for 23 years its CEO and Chairman. Mr. Fiddler is also an accomplished guitar player and photographer. 

People Power in the news.

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About People Power.

We are a Silicon Valley software company with the first scientifically validated at-home AI Caregiver service. Our patented technology detects falls in real-time, uncovers hidden health problems, and brings families and professional caregivers together provide care more efficiently across today’s exploding population of seniors.

Service providers choose us because we're the only company providing an app store for physical spaces. That means partners can achieve massive differentiation by inventing, deploying, and managing their own unique AI services for subscribers.

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