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Pacing Yourself to Achieve More

I read something this morning that gave me pause: When you have a lot going on and things feel overwhelming, do just one thing.


It can be very easy to want to dive in and get everything taken care of so that it's off our plates, or on the flip side, go into overwhelm and not do any of it. It can be tempting to ignore anything that feels like an obstacle and keep sailing on. 


Starting a project and getting a few things done can start chipping away and inspire you to continue. For example, I grew up in a family where we cleaned the house and did the laundry once a week. The dishes were always done after every meal. Papers were organized, and the garden was maintained to breathtaking beauty.


To this day, I follow that way of living. I have allergies to dust, so cleaning is a must, but having a tidy environment also allows me to focus on my business, other personal projects, or just having fun out in the world. When I get distracted in a cluttered space, it's almost like the energy vibrates, and my focus disappears.


Life inevitably brings stress, and it's a universal experience. But remember, it's how you handle it that truly matters. Imagine a situation in your life where the outcome is uncertain. You hope for a positive result, but the uncertainty can be unsettling. Instead of anxiously trying to predict the outcome, do your best, let go of the control, and trust that the result will align with your desires. It's within your power to change course and move forward if it doesn't.


When your home looks like a tornado, and you have taxes to get done and family or loved ones who need your care, do one thing. Sure, some have more priority to get done; do those first. You don't have to tornado your way through all of it – in fact, doing so might end up in an outcome you had not intended.


Pace yourself. Could you make a list and update it every day? Why? It shows wins/accomplishments and gives you the motivation to continue. Check things off to see your accomplishments, and heck, yes – give yourself a high five for what you've done. 


Become your own best cheerleader and hall monitor and allow the shaking to subside so the smooth sailing can return. When the inevitable tidal wave does plow into you, you'll be prepared to readjust your sails and go back on course.


Be nice, to YOU.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces


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