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Intertwining Mindfulness to Create Calm

Let’s see if you can relate to either of these scenarios:

You walk in the front door after a long day, and after a sigh of relief, you change your clothes, get ready to find something in the refrigerator for dinner and realize the only vegetable in there is a jar of olives. You snap! After a day of managing mind fields, it’s the one thing that sends you right over the edge.

Or perhaps after you get home, you jump in for a long hot shower before switching gears into home life. The warm water covers you like a warm blanket, and before you blink, your mind starts racing about things you need to do, your loved one that got so frustrated with you earlier – it’s like a podcast of “This is your life!” but it’s not a soothing one.

Chances are, both of these are the last straw. Somehow you are sure you’ve taken those deep breaths, taken walks, and indeed have things in manageable control. Yet the vegetable reaction is a clear sign that you’ve been sweeping emotions under the rug, likely for more than just the day.

Your mind is a powerful tool; the more you ‘feed’ it with racing or negative thoughts, the more you fuel it to race. Energy creates energy, good or bad. So, by reacting to your inner voice by yelling at it to STOP! It only ramps it up—A tempting reaction perhaps, but never a great solution. We can’t always change our reality, but we can change how we view our life, our responses, and ways to simplify to ease stress.

How can you begin to find balance? Here are a few simple ideas for you:

Plan your meals for the week:

I know, another thing for the to-do list, but I can guarantee planning reduces the chance of just seeing that olive jar. Turn on music that lifts your spirit and make it part of your mindfulness routine.

Shower or bath ideas:

  1. Interrupt that crazy brain of yours by turning on soothing music when you get into the shower.

  2. Close your eyes, take a few long deep breaths.

  3. Pause again.

  4. If your mind races, close your eyes again and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Uncomplicate your life in small places to help create building blocks of calm. It’s practice, this life of ours; give it love. You deserve that.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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