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Honoring the Special Women in Our Lives

Mother's Day is a beautiful opportunity to honor those women who have given birth to us and women who have nurtured us along the way.

The special memory of my mom's cool hand as she placed it on my feverish forehead and remembering the beautiful prom dress she had spent hours sewing for me making the night even more special. So too, the painful memory of catching the last breath she took while being at her side.

Our relationship with our mothers may shift over time, but the love remains the same. Some of you may be caring for your mother now, as she once cared for you. Others, like myself, have lost our mom, and this day can be difficult.

What can you do to honor such an extraordinary woman, guide, and warrior?

If your mom is still with you, ask her (if you don't know) what her favorite thing is to do or experience and plan around that. Running to the store for a 'pretty gift' is lovely, but one from the heart can mean much more.

If you have lost your mom, I encourage you to sit down and write her a letter. It's a simple way of reaching out and healing within. If writing isn't something you like to do, go out and enjoy something she liked doing: gardening, hiking, painting. Bring her alive in your heart, for both of you.

Life is precious, but it's rarely predictable. The pandemic we've experienced has many after-effects, and one that stands very clear to me is to keep our close ones even closer. Tell people how much they mean to you now instead of waiting for a special occasion. Cherish all that you have and be still in simple moments.

Days pass quickly, don't let them go by without reaching out to the one who gave you life. Though Mom passed away several years ago, I can still hear her voice like it was yesterday, comforting me when I need it and cheering me on as I smile.

"Hey Ma, I miss you very much and am grateful every day for all you gave to my life and still do. I love you and have you in my heart, always.”


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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