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Creating a Season of Gratitude

Our minds are powerful energy tools. We can get swept up in the energy of a negative situation or become masters of observing and redirecting. You give it power the minute you give in to angst, fear, or anger. Before you know it, you can't find your way out. The energy feeds itself.

Think of someone who has fallen into the water without knowing how to float or swim. The tendency is to flap around, fighting to survive, which makes the situation worse. So too, is the energy that you give your days. If you focus on the negative daily, you can bring more into your life just by doing that.

I encourage you to start becoming aware of the mental tapes that play throughout your day - catching those negative tapes can redirect outcomes for you.

In caregiving, we've all made mistakes or have had difficult situations arise. When you continue to play those negative tapes, they will ultimately make you doubt your abilities, adding to overwhelm that affects your overall well-being.

As we approach this Thanksgiving, I encourage you to step back from this year and shift your focus. Take the season of gratefulness and use it as a reminder - give power to gratitude and make it a daily practice. By focusing on the good, even the most minor things, you can change the energy in your life.

  • Express gratitude to people you encounter at every opportunity.

  • Recognize the 'small' things your loved one did and thank them.

  • Write a note of thanks to people you haven't seen for some time.

  • Take out a journal and thank yourself for all that you do.

Practicing gratitude helps balance your emotional well-being, and you can help others through it. Your energy affects others and bounces back to you - be the shift, even with the most minor things. If you have laundry to do – be grateful for it. You actually 'have' laundry that needs to be done. Taking a warm shower? Be thankful that you have a shower with running water. 'Have' to make dinner again? Be grateful you have food to make dinner with.

Live with a thankful heart. Start your day in grace and end it that way. Be the change you want to see in the world. Let it begin with you.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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