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Celebrating the Season: Embracing the Magic Within

I believe in magic. The holiday and New Year seasons are enchanting reminders of its profound significance. The subtle yet tangible presence of magic surrounds us, waiting to be acknowledged. You'll sense it lingering in the air if you pause and embrace the stillness.


Small acts of kindness, random gestures, or simple adventures can fill your heart and others with magic. Whether holding the door open at the post office so the swarm of panicked people can get in with their packages, being greeted with smiles, or enjoying an outing to a local park during the holidays, I enjoyed all those simple pleasures this past weekend. It filled my heart with that special feeling of magic.


Amidst life's storms, anchoring ourselves in the positive is crucial. I've been there, facing the waves of uncertainty and so easily caught up in waves of angst. Begin with a simple act — take three deliberate, deep breaths. It's not just a momentary pause; it's a chance to reset your mindset. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, envision redirecting your energy. Reflect on the things you can't change, but also the choices you can make in response.


In my journey, I've found that by pausing and responding from a space of clear-minded calm, I not only navigate challenges more effectively but also influence the course of the storm. This isn't about control; it's about empowering yourself to shape your reactions and, consequently, the outcome. So, amidst the chaos, find solace in the positive. Let your actions be the calm that transforms the turbulence. Take a moment to reflect, breathe, and respond purposefully — for in that response lies your strength.


As we embrace 2024, I invite you to discover the beauty in life's simple pleasures. Redirect your attention towards the positive, embrace the calming rhythm of deep breaths during challenging moments, or embark on a therapeutic stroll. Illuminate your surroundings with the warm glow of a scented candle; let the fragrance weave a tapestry of tranquility. Gift yourself the vibrant presence of flowers, a reminder that beauty can be cultivated within. And why not indulge in the sweet simplicity of ice cream – a delightful treat for the senses.


As we enter 2024, I encourage you to find simple pleasures. Focus on the good and appreciate the smallest moments of pure joy.


I wish you a 2023 filled with awe and simple joys.



Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces





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