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Are Your Emotions Spinning?

Some days are more challenging than others, but we can find bright spots if we open ourselves to them. When we focus on events that bring us down, we tend to perpetuate a negative spiral, while stepping away can give way to light.

In a conversation with close friends over the weekend, we spoke of the frailties of our world today and how simple times seemed so long ago. Hummingbirds fluttered around us continuously as we all laughed, saying, ‘I think they’re trying to tell us something!” Their message:

  • Be in the moment at hand.

  • Do what you can for others and the world.

  • Be mindful of what you are doing for yourself.

One of my friends experienced a potential health scare after lab test results arrived. Getting those before seeing her doctor led to seeking information through “Dr. Google.” Though information there can be beneficial, when you start putting 2+2 together, it can result in a sum of 7 instead of 4 and cause frantic moments.

During the week between the results and the appointment, she was in a bit of a panic – understandable. And though she understood the pathway to mindfulness: breathing, reflective journaling, etc., she let herself flail and reach out for help from others. Those friends circled her in support and held her in quiet peace, offering to be at her side at the drop of an ask.

She knew by the fifth day she needed a change of scenery for distraction and to fill her heart—just enough space to breathe. The next day she was in a calm state and receptive to the words from her doctor. The results showed potential harm if a different course was not taken, but no immediate critical threats. So, a new direction was set to reverse the path, solutions were given, and a brighter pathway was selected for the days ahead.

In hindsight, moments like this – catching something before it is too late and honoring yourself by accepting that it’s ok not to have your big girl britches on every day and let yourself cry – are a self-care gift. We all need those days to let down and let the emotions play through.

We must remember that there are safety nets out there, and we are willing to reach for them when needed.

Listen to your heart, reach out when you need to, heed the words you give to so many, and take loving care of yourself.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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