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5 Questions to Overcome Doubt

Updated: May 8, 2023

How many times have you done something and then doubted it? Or perhaps you’ve been faced with making a decision and found yourself paralyzed about your next steps.

Doubt happens to family caregivers making difficult decisions about their loved one’s well-being, many happening at the last minute. Emotions become scattered as your mind races for the right solution. How many of you lay in bed at night recounting your days and asking how you could have approached a situation differently? Were the decisions you made the right ones? The anxiety of it all continues to amp up your stress level. All of that can trickle into the rest of your life, whether personal or business. The anxiety seems to have a life of its own.

Finding a way to make peace with what you’ve done is essential. The following questions are an insightful way to help you get clarity and perhaps give you a perspective on how you might do something differently:

  • Were your intentions good?

  • Did you pause for a moment before making your decisions instead of rushing into them? If not, can you make a habit of doing so moving forward?

  • Did you speak your truth instead of reacting in anger or haste?

  • If you have made a mistake, are you willing to forgive yourself?

  • How might you address the same situation differently?

Be present, be here, and practice self-love. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Remember the positive things that have happened, your successes, and the difference you’ve made. Be your advocate and support system; it creates a difference. And please don’t forget the importance of reaching out to others for support. Being able to discuss situations helps you gain clarity.

Writing things down instead of hanging on to what could have been is also very healing, so I encourage you to start journaling (writing letters to yourself) so that you can look back at times as they’ve occurred. Doing so allows you to overcome obstacles and remember how much of a positive difference you make.

No one escapes; we all make mistakes. It’s allowing yourself to review what’s happened and learn from them to help you navigate as you move forward through your caregiving journey.

One moment, one step. Believe in YOU!


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