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Turning Rocky Roads into Smooth Pathways

We’ve all flown off the handle at something, and before we could stop, words have passed out of our mouths that we have immediately regretted. Do you know what your triggers are? Do you know when you’ve done too much, gone too far, and not taken time to ‘pause’ because you needed to get something done?

When the road gets rocky in your life - you have things to do, emotions are building up, and you feel yourself shaking. Do you hear your cry? Will you take a much-needed pause? Or will you keep going because you have to? People need you, after all.

When life starts piling so much on your shoulders to take care of, and a crisis occurs with a friend or loved one, an important thing to think about is who will you show up as. You think you can muddle through somehow, but you may not be aware that you may be working from an emotionally unbalanced place, which results in ineffective or harmful choices and scattered decisions.

Think of driving down a road with potholes at 65 mph. You need to get to your destination! But your car is shaking; you’re shaking. The outcome? Quite possibly a flat tire, to say the least. Your ability to keep going has gone. It is so easy it is to get caught up in the gotta go mode but important to remember how poor the results can be.

Is it possible for you to become aware of how your happiness meter affects your actions and reactions? You hear the cry of others, pause, and hear your cries echoing back. We have choices. Would you like to show up more effectively? More balanced? Make clearer decisions? Resist the statement – “I don’t have time.” – and do something that brings balance back into your life.

Sure, we’d all love to jet off to a beachfront resort, but time and money may not allow that. Don’t let that be the excuse not to find a path to peace. Renewing your energy can be as simple as gardening, dancing to your favorite music, or taking a walk.

Like a drop into a pool of water, everything we do has a ripple effect. Remember that simple acts of self-kindness can significantly impact those around you, too.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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