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The Way You Show Up is Everything

How you show up daily is crucial for both you and those you interact with. Whether it is the clerk at the bank, coworker, client, or loved one, the ripple effect of how you appear in the world is essential to be conscious of.

Who wins if you rage at the woman ringing up your groceries because she is taking 'too' long to do so? Was she taking that long, or has your patience been ripped to shreds?

Each day is full of possibilities and deserves a full reset before embarking on them. Even the most minor occurrences can make a significant difference. So set yourself up for positive outcomes by appreciating the day's little moments. From seeing the sunrise, howling at the full moon, turning off the news, and watching a movie, you can feel your anxiety lessen and significantly push your emotional reset button.

Here's a critical one; let go of worry – I've checked, and it doesn't solve anything. Instead, it takes time in your day when you could have put your energy to better use. Worrying adds fuel to a situation you may have no control over. In contrast, living in the moment allows you to stop worrying about what is in the past and open yourself to endless possibilities.

Here are a few positive ways to show up in your daily life:

  • Choose to be present – when you're in a conversation with someone, be IN it, not thinking about the shopping list waiting for you to finish.

  • Choose love over anger – be open to what someone else is going through. Are they in pain? Did they lose someone close to them?

  • Choose to listen with an open heart – what are they saying behind the actual words? "I don't want to garden today." It may mean they're in so much pain they can't help but be ashamed to say so.

Reality exists, no doubt; you can't hide from what is happening in your life. But acknowledging what is going on may give way to more comfortable ways of coping.

Be kind to others, and please, don't forget to include yourself.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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