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The Magic of Being Still

Being witness to a hummingbird hovering in a mid-air pause is fascinating. This tiny, busy bird who can fly up to 60 mph appears in a magical moment of stillness.

Can you be still? So much can emerge out of those moments of stillness for you. Magic happens there. A place to pause, observe, feel and listen. A place for you to become aware of your surroundings and let go of the daily banter that is often running through your mind.

Shiny objects attempting to fill that space are merely illusionary and temporary moments. Whether it is an argument, misunderstanding, or being so tired, our eyes are barely open; those shiny objects can blind us from the true meaning behind an event, a word, and our reaction. We live in a world where everything constantly changes, so seeking peace within becomes one of the essential tools in life. Simultaneously becoming buoyant amid an ever-changing world becomes our lifesaver.

How many times have you found yourself quickly reacting to an emotional situation without a pause and then regretting it later on some level? You are tired, stressed out, and you blurt out before pausing. That quick reaction is easy to do when you've been depleted and not practiced listening to your inner voice. (Hey! It's me...I'm exhausted and need a break. Can we go out for a walk and breathe for a bit?) Our inner voice tells us what we need to hear, but we consume ourselves with busy to-do's, and that voice gets silenced.

There is power in being calm, taking deep breaths, pausing before reacting, and leaving a conversation if you need to because it can change the outcome of a situation. It is becoming aware and creating a space where powerful positive energy happens.

The peace you create within yourself becomes a ripple effect of how you show up in the world. That pause becomes like the hummingbird mid-flight with the magical stillness. Consider taking into account what the other person may be feeling and what circumstances they are going through, and allow your inner peace to become compassion instead of a rushed reaction.

I encourage you to practice living in the moment and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Open yourself to possibilities in the new day and experience the magic that life has to offer. Joy can fill your heart seamlessly; it just takes a little practice.

Don’t forget to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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