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Surrendering to the Outcome- Embracing the Power of Acceptance 

When you hear the word 'surrender,' what comes to mind? Giving up? Losing control? Have you found yourself in a position where you thought you'd lose the battle if you did surrender?


When life is upheaval, it's easy to hang on for dear life and make sure that the outcome you want happens. But I encourage you to look at things with a different lens. For instance, instead of seeing a problem as a roadblock, view it as an opportunity for a different perspective.


Living near Apple's main campus, when I saw a friend post something about a class that she attended there about photography, I thought – what? Classes, and they're free? I must check that out, so I did. The Photo tour – Framing Architecture was delightful and gave way to viewing objects through a new lens. It's the same lens on my iPhone but with a whole new perspective on the outcome. The photos I took through my new 'lens' were delightful! I stopped how I was used to 'looking' at things and let a new perspective form. I surrendered to a new outcome, and I was elated.


When I think about past life experiences and those that I hear about from many people I've come in contact with through Breathing Spaces, many have tough decisions and often encounter daily upheavals. This made me think back to my caregiving days when I knew the best route yet continued to encounter static. The more I fought to go down the trail I thought was best, the more complex the resistance was.


How often have I felt I knew the best avenue in my current life, but when I let go of the reins, I realized that the path of least resistance was the best? It's not always an easy shift to make, but it can reframe your perspective.


Surrendering to outcomes is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. It starts with self-awareness, recognizing your fears and insecurities, and requires courage. The next step is mindfulness, staying in the moment and opening your mindset to what is rather than fighting against it. Finally, it requires vulnerability and a willingness to embrace uncertainty, imperfection, and the unknown. If you stop the struggle, all will be well. 


Instead of fighting for what we 'know' is right, we surrender to the flow of life, are aware of possibilities, and see what doors open. May you find peace in your caregiving days ~ I think you’re amazing.



Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces





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