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Rest. Reset. Repeat.

Do you find yourself running on adrenaline to get through your days? Powering through even though you're exhausted? With so much happening in our world and our lives, it's important to be aware that survival mode cannot be sustained indefinitely without affecting your judgment and health.

You are the common denominator in all your interactions; you have the power to avoid reacting from' empty' regardless of the situation. And though you cannot always change the circumstances, you can change how you respond. Elevating the energy in a conversation by reacting from a negative space does no good – for anyone involved.

Speak your feelings when situations occur rather than letting them rise like yeast in bread! The other person may not even notice what is happening with you – not intending to cause you any harm or anger – so speaking up can quickly clear the air. If you're hurt, say it. Don't let it fester. Something else will happen, and then suddenly, there will be an emotional explosion!

Maybe it's your friend Barry talking again about how his back is aching; he didn't call his doctor because he'll be required to go into the office, gas is so high it will be an additional drain on him, and on and on with the negative talk. Or perhaps it's a difficult conversation with a loved one about their continual griping about how much they have to do. Still, you see them repeatedly spinning in circles instead of taking direct action.

Events like these add up. Feelings can get hurt, even buried, then rise in unexpected places. Whatever you do when these situations arise, don't jump into the rabbit hole and react from a negative space. Find a way through conversations to create a possibility of peace rather than anger.

When you do speak your truth, try to maintain balance. The power of open and thoughtful communication can create clarity and calmness. Heal through your voice and actions. Get up every day, put your best foot forward, and open your lines of communication, both in and out, with positive intentions. And let the rest go.

Addressing your feelings sooner rather than later because a delay can result in angry retaliation, which doesn't solve anything. Instead, it raises the bar on negative energy, and goodness knows what can manifest.

Make time for yourself before the wheels start shaking.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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