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Life-Changing Peace

How many have heard the phrase "life-changing" when advertisements promise a miracle way of changing us? Wouldn't it be grand if we could do just one thing and have our entire lives flashed into 'perfection'?

Perfection is a myth. Indeed, in a caregiver's life, I've tried and know it's not possible. We all have days full of joy that go smoothly and others that seem like a treacherous uphill climb. There is power and healing in acknowledging what is happening in our lives, where change is consistent. Strength and recovery are also present when we recognize that change may come with fear (of the unknown and what comes next) woven in with a loved one who isn't willing/able to step up to the reality that is happening in their life.

So, what is the magic here? How we respond to situations and set intentions for our days can make a difference. Like baking, it takes being conscious of the ingredients, timing, and a lot of love and patience.

Part of the ebb and flow of life comes from the good and the bad that happen, and the more we can self-knowledge, the better.

I noticed a sign in an office that stuck with me; "If you are injured on the job, you must immediately report your injury to your employer." I wonder how often we are emotionally injured in our caregiver roles and don't validate it to ourselves?

Instead of waiting on that life-changing miracle, try starting your day off with a mantra, something that you can repeat through the day to 'disrupt' negative or stressed-out thinking:

Today, I will pause before reacting.

No one can take my power away.

I will bring healing to all that I encounter today.

I am passionate and resilient with a fearless core.

My actions are making a positive difference.

Just last week, amidst thinking of a dear friend that passed last year far too soon, funneling through business emails and decisions and personal taxes in a pile staring at me "to-do," I could feel my energy ramping up. Not all bad, yet I could feel the energy shifting. I took three deep breaths and repeated my mantra – "I am passionate and resilient with a fearless core" and felt air return to my body and mind.

Don't – push – through. Stop. Listen to your inner voice telling you what you need; if you can't hear it, B-R-E-A-T-H-E.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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