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Cultivating Wellness Within

Here we are, almost halfway through the year already! Time feels like it is passing quickly, and I wonder if any of you are putting off till tomorrow what you can do today? Consider making an intention for the rest of the year (to start!) to cultivate wellness within.

Cultivating wellness, like tending to the soil in a garden, takes intuition and attention. It needs to be done regularly for success and is a different way of thinking than merely practicing self-care. It’s genuinely going within to seek out what you need, what makes your heart smile. Think about it. Practice it.

You spend much of your time caring for others, and it can be easy to get lost in the daily routines. To create a new pattern, start by writing down old habits you may be repeating so that you become aware of what may cause roadblocks for you. For instance, you want to walk every day, but you check your email when you’ve finished eating breakfast, and one thing leads to another; you look up, and it’s noon! You’ve got a one o’clock appointment: blink! The day has passed. You’re tired and hungry, and dinner is necessary, so off you go.

And this pattern repeats, day after day.

Make notes about the things you intended to do and didn’t, then re-wire your days. Instead of checking your email, walk when you wake up and then eat and check your emails. It’s a simple, direct change that allows you to fit in what makes you feel good—cultivating wellness within.

The energy we hold onto from our past and our future also takes up space in our lives. Do you need to clear up an argument from earlier in the week? That energy hangs on to you like dead weight! You’re engaged in your work, and it keeps popping up, creating difficulty in making decisions. Be done with it – have the conversation to air it out.

Perhaps a medical appointment is coming up, and bits and pieces of what you’d like to talk to your doctor about come up in the strangest places—brushing your teeth, mid-way into a conversation with someone. Write it down – make a list, check it twice, and let it go! Airing it out enables you to focus on the tasks or moments at hand—cultivating wellness within.

Like the soil in your garden, cultivate your internal wellness and watch it thrive.

How will you spend the rest of this year?


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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