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People Power and U.C. Berkeley introduce senior care technology to promote peace of mind for caregivers.

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People Power and University California Berkeley’s Psychophysiology Laboratory, headed by Dr. Robert W. Levenson, announce the delivery of an industry-first senior care technology designed to promote peace of mind for caregivers actively involved in providing care for persons with dementia. Critical insights and alerts for caregivers include AI-powered fall detection, wandering notification, activity and sleep monitoring, and more. Spousal or family caregivers currently providing in-home care for persons with dementia are invited to participate in trial studies of this technology.

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Delivering intelligent home solutions designed by families, for families.

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Sir Winston Churchill said, “There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues are created, strengthened and maintained.” Undoubtedly, we agree. Churchill’s thinking embodies the vision of People Power. Our technology is designed to serve and protect families as they grow and thrive. Training our machine learning algorithms to adapt rapidly to new lifestyle patterns in the home comes from our newest contributor – baby Natalie, the daughter of our CTO, David Moss and his wife Samantha. Join us in welcoming baby Natalie, and celebrating all of life’s new milestones.

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Promoting positive mental health and peace of mind for caregivers of people with dementia.

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People Power Dementia Caregiver NIA Grant Advances to Phase Two Rollout: People Power announces the start of a phase two project funded through a research and development grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The first phase of the grant focused on researching caregiver needs and developing in-home supportive solutions for dementia caregivers. The results of the collaborative research with University of California, Berkeley have produced key insights into how connected services can best offer assistance and promote peace of mind for caregivers actively involved in providing care for persons with dementia.

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“Finally, a company doing IoT right. It’s a breath of fresh air.” – Partner Exec

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There are moments when savvy IoT enthusiasts realize how the industry can benefit from certain technical enablers that allow for radical improvements. You know, improvements that deliver rapid feature expansion, differentiation, nimble deployments and predictable consumer satisfaction. One such moment was had in a recent conversation with a global IoT brand titan who remarked upon understanding People Power’s approach that we “get it”, and our methods are a “breath of fresh air”. Let us share with you our vision and capabilities that enable radical IoT improvements for brands seeking fresh recurring revenues.

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“2019: The Year of the Intelligent Home”
-David Moss, People Power CTO

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“In many ways, 2018 was a good year for the smart home. However, advancements must go beyond the connected doorbell and basic learning thermostat if this industry is to grow at the rate analysts have long projected. Smart homes need to get smarter. Way, way smarter,” said David Moss, CTO of People Power. “People Power has filed numerous patents in 2018 for our AI-based smart home services that take care of people. As such, we see 2019 as a breakaway year with the promise of differentiation delivered to give people easier, safer, and more intuitive smart home experiences than ever before.”

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Top 10

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Introducing the world’s first AI-powered location detection microservice that solves geofencing limitations for smart home services.

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“A fundamental technology blocker for the next generation smart home, phone-based geofencing solutions of today sadly can not keep pace with customer needs,” said David Moss, CTO of People Power. “With our Home Occupancy Status Microservice, consumers can benefit from an intelligent service that determines occupancy status in a completely new way, providing previously unheard of connected home experiences.”

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A Behavioral Demand Response (BDR) solution to address the needs of energy providers and their consumers, meet People Power BDR 2.0

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“Sustainable transformation in energy efficiency is possible when solutions simultaneously leverage shifts on both the demand and the supply sides of the equation. People Power’s BDR 2.0 service is based on collaborative learnings from our energy-centric behavior science experts to address a global concern – more efficient energy consumption of individuals and groups”. – Professor Banny Banerjee, Director and Founder Stanford ChangeLabs, Stanford University

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Pro Energy 2.0

Critical breakthrough in consumer energy services with AI: Pro Energy 2.0

The modern approach for intelligent, scalable consumer energy programs.

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For energy companies looking to deploy engaging connected services, intelligence is the next hurdle towards broader market adoption and business growth. Delivering services with scale in mind is possible only when a system is built to address the program concerns of both the end user and the service provider. Maintaining that balance, People Power Pro Energy 2.0 improves upon the previous version and is built with a billion consumer interactions of experience. Let us show you the future.

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Happy Birthday

We’re celebrating an important milestone.
Nine years.

With tons of hard work and innovation behind us, the future is incredibly bright.
Say ‘happy birthday’.

Nine Years

Now, with nine years of success behind us, we couldn’t be more optimistic about the future. As an award-winning IoT technology company with a billion end-user engagements and millions of downloads, our company was born with the intrinsic goal of helping humanize the Internet of Things. We have earned the trust of smart home consumers worldwide, every day – and at this very moment. We solve real challenges for people in their daily lives. And our solutions are always built with the future proofing and flexibility that IoT demands. Along with our passion, vision and technical know-how, this will ensure our success continues to grow. That makes every birthday a happy one.

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Super Smart

Origin Energy announces flexible smart home solution developed by People Power.

First foray into smart home market by an Australian energy retailer.
See the news.

Origin Energy

“Delivering smart home solutions with a truly innovative partner like Origin – who shares our commitment to develop new services that deliver comfort and control in the home – is inspiring,” said Gene Wang, CEO and co-founder of People Power. “Home HQ combines the attractiveness of a low cost, easy to install and use smart home service paired with a well-positioned consumer brand to bring peace of mind to the people of Australia.”

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Cool Vendor

Named “Cool Vendor in the Connected home, 2017”
by Gartner®

We’re thrilled to be recognized by the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner.
See what the experts say.


People Power has been named in the highly anticipated Cool Vendor 2017 report from Gartner that provides important observations on, “As vendors are trying to create seamless and contextual experiences, technology product management leaders must look toward new technology, such as machine learning and natural interfaces, without losing touch with consumer expectations”. People Power – featured in this report – is humbled and thrilled to be named Cool Vendor 2017 by Gartner.

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Security. Energy. Care.

White-label home security, energy and care solutions with AI based services.

We help digital service providers create new recurring revenues.
We’re People Power

Spending on the Internet of Things

Spending on the Internet of Things is estimated to reach $3 trillion by 2025, up from $750 billion just last year*. That only becomes possible with intelligent IoT solutions that scale predictably, securely, and profitably.

That’s where we come in.

Founded in 2009, People Power is an award-winning software company with unique expertise and success in creating mobile and cloud technology. At the center of everything we build, the People Power IoT Suite enables rapid IoT device and program connection, engagement, delivery and management for digital service providers, telecoms and manufacturers. Bringing Artificial Intelligence to IoT for recurring revenues in security, energy and home care services, our ready-made cloud and mobile software stacks connect consumers to valued lifestyle experiences. Services from concept through commercial release enabled by People Power are available as white-label solutions for customers around the world.

*Machina Research annual report on global market growth; August 2016

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Connect. Engage. Learn. Deploy. Manage.

All you need to deliver IoT services through your brand.

Our white-label IoT solutions deliver exceptional customer experiences, helping grow your brand.
People Power IoT Suite

In the end

In the end, everything we create is influenced by user-centric and family-centric designs – regardless if people would sooner interact using mobile devices, their voices, or would rather have intelligent automation blossom around them. We’re experts at delivering IoT experiences that enable new, refreshing outcomes that consumers love and depend on every day through any partner brand.

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Good dog

Our service outperforms even the most loyal home security system.

With our AI based IoT services, any home is capable of amazing new tricks.
Introducing People Power Pro Security

People Power Pro Security

People Power Pro Security is a white-label home security solution designed to help service providers – such as utilities, telecoms, cable operators and manufacturers – bring valuable smart home services to their customers. It allows them to employ new AI based services, designed for faster construction and deployment of smart home intelligence, and the People Power IoT Gateway, which delivers unmatched levels of internet security for IoT deployments. Our Pro Security offering cements People Power’s position as one of the first companies in the world to build and deploy AI based smart home IoT systems.

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A big deal

A big deal,
these little AI based microservices.

With People Power’s AI based IoT solutions, smart home customers embark on a new era of automation and intelligence.
Introducing People Power Intelligent Services

Bot enabled microservices

Our AI based IoT services incorporate machine learning algorithms while operating in the background of your life. These services are comprised of microservices that listen to the real-time data from your connected devices all the time. Microservices are trying to figure out what to do with that data by discovering and learning patterns. They can learn, react and communicate with you. People Power’s microservices are the first to realize the transformation from the smart home to the conscious home. We have already rewired the rules of competition in the smart home services market. If your smart home service doesn’t incorporate machine learning microservice intelligence, then consider it outdated.

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Great experiences are personal

Great experiences are personal.
Meet a few of your personal assistants.

Our white-label security service delivers differentiated and delightful consumer outcomes to AI for IoT.
Introducing People Power Pro Security

An industry-first

An industry-first, People Power Pro Security incorporates a collection of AI based microservices for today’s most intelligent smart home IoT deployments. By learning key activities and patterns in the home, configurations of microservices understand how to best serve their people.

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Relief for what pains the common gateway

Relief for what pains the common gateway, finally.

Delivering a prescription for the threats that hobble all other IoT gateways.
Introducing People Power IoT Gateway

People Power IoT Gateway

Included in our white-label Pro Security solution is the new People Power IoT Gateway. It incorporates the most advanced hacker-resistant device security technology, and answers the need for a home internet gateway with extraordinary levels of internet security for IoT systems. The technology applies an AI-based solution that actively learns and enforces expected patterns of network traffic, identifying and remedying suspicious and potentially overwhelming network activities and anomalies. The People Power gateway is capable of protecting against the smallest and most lethal IoT security threats, and is today’s most secure gateway solution for IoT deployments.

It provides simplified IoT deployments with a wide array of connected device possibilities. Integrating with Pro Security to drive recurring service revenues, the gateway incorporates multiple home networking technologies, including ZigBee 3.0 and Green Power, BLE 4.1, WLAN 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n, and optional Z-Wave and cellular. Designed to incorporate emerging technologies, the gateway features both local Micro SD storage and USB 2.0 for expansion.

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The next customer


Are you prepared for the next customer? With People Power IoT solutions, you are.
People Power IoT System

iOS. Android. Web.

Delivering on iOS, Android and more, our knowledge and expertise grows daily thanks to the happy users who depend upon us every second of every day. They are individuals of all ages, families and communities around the world.

Expand your top-line growth with compelling, innovative value-added services with our help. If you’re interested in open source, investment protection, new subscribers, increased ARPU, reduced churn, lower CAPEX and OPEX, People Power is ready to help.