Everyone knows the Internet of Things is now in fashion, and the market is too big to tackle alone. That's why People Power created a massively scalable IoT cloud with software Agents and white-label apps. Just weave your products in, or wrap your existing platform with our cutting-edge software stacks, and you'll be able to quickly offer highly engaging services such as home security, energy management and elderly care. Our award-winning utility programs are saving communities 10% on energy. Our security stacks have solved real crimes. Our software is used worldwide to connect users with the people and things they love.

How is it done? FabrUX by People Power. Beautiful fabrics and things combine to form spectacular user experiences that people love. Weaving the best IoT standards together with high-end analytics, community social networks, and a unified mobile presentation layer helps deliver critical next generation mobile services. With FabrUX, manufacturers and service providers can support software IP frameworks like HomeKit, AllJoyn, and UPnP, along with wireless protocols like Thread, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and others. FabrUX provides powerful cross-device rules, valuable crowd feedback, and trusted social networks, all controlled from a unified app.

People Power's FabrUX can connect anything. But the opportunity is bigger than just connecting devices to the cloud. True success comes from delivering scalable solutions that let our business partners extend and monetize their existing customer relationships, while receiving incredibly valuable data analytic services that help drive critical business decisions. People Power FabrUX enables remarkably simple and elegant IoT solutions to accomplish this. Learn more about how it works, and how it can work for you. Contact us today.

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