The center of gravity in the computing world changes every decade.

Today, that center is the smartphone. And that changes everything, forever. But it's more than just mobile. And it's more than just cloud. It's both, because it has to be both. 

The next horizon for the evolution of the Internet is already upon us. It's the mission of connecting devices and analytic add-ins through the Internet to be controlled by a mobile app in beautiful and meaningful ways. That's where we come in. We're the experts.

People Power responds by offering uncommonly simple methods to solve common integration challenges. We're masters at breaking down the barriers of ordinary solutions by building extraordinary implementations that actually cooperate with each other. We're interested in getting everything to talk together. That's when the Internet of Everything delivers on the promise of radical efficiency.

We're an award-winning global company with a legacy of having led many of the world's most compelling mobile and cloud technology solutions.

Whether you're an OEM, a service provider, or a mobile user, we're here to help drive cooperation and solutions that allow you to meet your goals and unique needs. Let us tell you how we're helping mobilize the Internet of Everything.  

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