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Got Recurring Revenue?

Gartner® lists People Power as a Vendor to Watch.

Can device vendors build a sustainable digital business model based on new, recurring revenue sources?
See what the experts say.


An important new Gartner® Market Trends report asks, “Can Device Vendors Build a Sustainable Digital Business Model Based on New, Recurring Revenue Sources?” If the idea of recurring revenue opportunities interest you, see what the experts are saying.

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Security. Energy. Care.

White-label home security, energy and care solutions with bot-enabled AI.

We help digital service providers create new recurring revenues.
We’re People Power

Spending on the Internet of Things

Spending on the Internet of Things is estimated to reach $3 trillion by 2025, up from $750 billion just last year*. That only becomes possible with intelligent IoT solutions that scale predictably, securely, and profitably.

That’s where we come in.

Founded in 2009, People Power is an award-winning software company with unique expertise and success in creating mobile and cloud technology. At the center of everything we build, the People Power IoT Suite enables rapid IoT device and program connection, engagement, delivery and management for digital service providers, telecoms and manufacturers. Bringing Artificial Intelligence to IoT for recurring revenues in security, energy and home care services, our ready-made cloud and mobile software stacks connect consumers to valued lifestyle experiences. Services from concept through commercial release enabled by People Power are available as white-label solutions for customers around the world.

*Machina Research annual report on global market growth; August 2016

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Connect. Engage. Learn. Deploy. Manage.

All you need to deliver IoT services through your brand.

Our white-label IoT solutions deliver exceptional customer experiences, helping grow your brand.
People Power IoT Suite

In the end

In the end, everything we create is influenced by user-centric and family-centric designs – regardless if people would sooner interact using mobile devices, their voices, or would rather have intelligent automation blossom around them. We’re experts at delivering IoT experiences that enable new, refreshing outcomes that consumers love and depend on every day through any partner brand.

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Good dog

Our service outperforms even the most loyal home security system.

With our bot-enabled IoT services, any home is capable of amazing new tricks.
Introducing People Power Pro Security

People Power Pro Security

People Power Pro Security is a white-label home security solution designed to help service providers – such as utilities, telecoms, cable operators and manufacturers – bring valuable smart home services to their customers. It allows them to employ new bot services, designed for faster construction and deployment of smart home intelligence, and the People Power IoT Gateway, which delivers unmatched levels of internet security for IoT deployments. Our Pro Security offering cements People Power’s position as one of the first companies in the world to build and deploy bot-enabled smart home IoT systems.

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A big deal

A big deal, these little guys.
Bots are smart, and do great things.

With People Power’s Bot Services, smart home customers embark on a new era of automation and intelligence.
Introducing People Power Bot Services

Bot enabled micro-services

A bot enables micro-services that incorporate machine learning algorithms and the benefits of artificial intelligence while operating in the background of your life. Think of a bot as a small computer program that’s listening to the real-time data from your connected devices all the time. Bots are trying to figure out what to do with that data by discovering and learning patterns. They can learn, react and communicate with you. People Power’s bot services are the first to realize the transformation from the smart home to the conscious home. Bots have already rewired the rules of competition in the smart home services market. If your smart home service doesn’t incorporate bots and machine learning intelligence, then consider it outdated.

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Preventing bot brawls

Preventing bot brawls in the connected home.

Understanding the impact of bot-to-bot interaction is critical for providing dependable bot services.
See what our CTO says.


“Recently we’ve seen an uptick in the number of bots online, which vary from chatbots for customer service to spambots on social media to content-editing bots in online communities. Though an ecosystem of bots is unfolding, our knowledge and understanding of how bots interact with one another is limited. Because bots don’t have emotions, you’d think their interactions would be relatively uneventful. However, they have the capacity to be quite social. This begs the question — what affects bot-to-bot interactions and how can developers design bots that have complex interactions without interference?” Read more.

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Great experiences are personal

Great experiences are personal.
Meet a few of your personal assistants.

Our white-label security service delivers differentiated and delightful consumer outcomes with bot-enabled AI for IoT.
Introducing People Power Pro Security

An industry-first

An industry-first, People Power Pro Security incorporates a collection of bot solutions for today’s most intelligent smart home IoT deployments, including:

CP-01 False Alarm Reduction Bot
Implements CP-01 ANSI/SIA standards for false-alarm reduction of professional monitored security systems

Entry Sensor Intelligence Bot
Adds intelligence to entry sensors to eliminate false alarms, fixing a $100M industry problem

Motion Sensor Intelligence Bot
Learns the characteristics of each individual motion sensor and provides feedback for reliable do-it-yourself installs

Preventative Maintenance Bot
Notifies administrators of hardware problems like battery, signal strength or defective devices, to proactively enhance the customer experience

Thinking Out Loud Bot
Communicates why the bot made certain decisions, and delivers weekly health reports on the home

Intelligent Lighting Bot
Learns normal patterns of lighting to make it look like someone is home when they’re not

Intermittent Reinforcement Bot
Sends users intermittent compliments from keypads to reinforce habit formation of arming the security system

Leak Sensor Intelligence Bot
Provides professional monitoring of water leaks, without waking users in the middle of the night

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Relief for what pains the common gateway

Relief for what pains the common gateway, finally.

Delivering a prescription for the threats that hobble all other IoT gateways.
Introducing People Power IoT Gateway

People Power IoT Gateway

Included in our white-label Pro Security solution is the new People Power IoT Gateway. It incorporates the most advanced hacker-resistant device security technology, and answers the need for a home internet gateway with extraordinary levels of internet security for IoT systems. The technology applies an AI-based solution that actively learns and enforces expected patterns of network traffic, identifying and remedying suspicious and potentially overwhelming network activities and anomalies. The People Power gateway is capable of protecting against the smallest and most lethal IoT security threats, and is today’s most secure gateway solution for IoT deployments.

It provides simplified IoT deployments with a wide array of connected device possibilities. Integrating with Pro Security to drive recurring service revenues, the gateway incorporates multiple home networking technologies, including ZigBee 3.0 and Green Power, BLE 4.1, WLAN 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n, and optional Z-Wave and cellular. Designed to incorporate emerging technologies, the gateway features both local Micro SD storage and USB 2.0 for expansion.

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The next customer


Are you prepared for the next customer? With People Power IoT solutions, you are.
People Power IoT Suite

iOS. Android. Web.

Delivering on iOS, Android and more, our knowledge and expertise grows daily thanks to the happy users who depend upon us every second of every day. They are individuals of all ages, families and communities around the world.

Expand your top-line growth with compelling, innovative value-added services with our help. If you’re interested in open source, investment protection, new subscribers, increased ARPU, reduced churn, lower CAPEX and OPEX, People Power is ready to help.