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Strategies to Help You Build Calm

Wish you could go through your days constantly feeling spry and happy? Up to any challenge ahead? Perhaps you get up with that mindset, but something goes awry, and you feel like the rest of your day attracts similar circumstances, and before you know it, the entire day is chaos.

The next day you set your intention, and the wheels start falling off again. There is a crucial factor that you may be overlooking, the part you play in your day. I am not suggesting those days are your fault; contrary to that. Crises and mistakes happen. It is easy and understandable to get caught up in the swirl of it all and be overwhelmed.

The simple truth – the more you prepare, the better you can address situations that arise. As caregivers, you can do that, but sometimes you think about it yet save things for 'another day.'

Be realistic about what you can do:

  • Focus on things that you have some control over, such as meal planning and grocery shopping

  • Keep a list or journal of ongoing ailments/events with your loved one so that you are not trying to remember everything.

  • Practice mindfulness. I am not talking hour-long meditations here – a simple breathing technique will easily snap you back on track. The Today Show had a great article recently, including one of my favorite methods, 'Boxed Breathing.'

Stress significantly impacts our health, so how you manage, it is key. Talking with friends and family or a counselor can be a tremendous support. So too, is writing in a journal. Journaling can be a simple release of stress, worry, or doubt and can ease the ongoing thoughts in your head. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to journal; just write.

I found myself going through some bumps in the road in a relationship recently, and I picked up one of my journals and just started writing a flow of thoughts - no grammar or spell check! I was amazed at the thoughts I had racing about - goodness knows the toll that can take on your mind, body, work, and other relationships. That allowed me to look at feelings I had and work through them. After doing that, I felt clear and relieved, like conversing with my best friend.

Self-care comes in many forms and is lifesaving for both you and your loved ones.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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