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Peaceful Interactions

Do you ever stop to reflect on the effect you have on other people’s lives? You can be the reason someone smiles, including yourself, but you can also cause an adverse reaction. Good, bad, or indifferent, the energy we put out influences the energy we receive. Isn’t it better to choose positive, peaceful responses whenever we can?

I had a service appointment snafu occur this week after an appointment blunder by a technician. It created a domino effect on my schedule; truth be told, I wasn’t happy. When I called back to reschedule the appointment, I took a few deep breaths before speaking with the service agent. She had such a kind, sweet voice. Calmly, I let her know about the goof, my disappointment, and how grateful I would be if she could help figure it out.

By the end of the call, she had gone above and beyond to ensure things would be taken care of. I thanked her for such excellent service; you’d think I handed her a winning lotto ticket. It is understandable to get upset about unforeseen occurrences but be careful where you direct your responses. That sweet woman went out of her way, partly due to the kindness I showed her. I wonder how often she gets an ear full for something out of her control.

Negativity is challenging, whether caused by a stressful situation or by being around someone who grumps and growls through their days. Even worse, such attitudes can spread like wildfire. We take the energy from events throughout our days, which can sometimes build up toxic, often when you aren’t even noticing. Who would have won if I had gone into that call with the service agent biting her head off? Neither of us.

I’ve found that clearing energy between appointments or between tasks can be a great way to be present for yourself and the person you are interacting with. It helps you to let go of what has just transpired and set the stage for a positive outcome. An easy way to do this is through breath-work. A simple technique is taking three long deep breaths in (hold for 10 seconds) and out - releasing all of the air.

An effortless and effective way to clear my head of distractions while resetting my energy. An easy way to create a ripple effect of peace.


Cyndi Mariner

Breathing Spaces

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