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IoT System


How a smart home service becomes part of the family.

It depends on an IoT system that solves the truly important stuff.

People Power IoT system.

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IoT System – Services

Differentiated white-label consumer offerings.

People Power develops consumer IoT services for energy, security and care for brands interested in digital customer growth. Integrating leading consumer behavior research for positive outcomes and industry-best user experiences, our technologically advanced services are built to help people more easily manage the growing complexities of their lives. Be it smart home or smart building services, we white-label solutions for our brand name partners, helping them rapidly approach new markets and revenue opportunities with highly differentiated consumer offerings. These services are the pinnacle of why we do what we do. People Power is proud to provide consumer solutions for some of the world’s largest brands to positively affect the lives of people, helping the world become a better place.

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IoT System – Microservices

Modular functionality for optimal performance.

Our leadership in AI-based technology for IoT is well known and undeniable. People Power’s services for energy, security and care are configured with a collection of AI microservices that deliver modular functionality for stunning smart home performance. By learning key activities and patterns in the home, microservices understand how to best serve people. Each designed to perform a specific machine learning function with extraordinary capability, they work with other microservices to form higher-level decisions. They work together to form comprehensive consumer services that command larger monthly subscription fees. Enabled uniquely by the People Power Bot Server, microservices are both a software design philosophy and a breakthrough financial model to enable revenue-building differentiation.

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IoT System – Activity

Creating the perfectly behaved smart home.

Are you home or away? Are you asleep, or on vacation? Your home needs to know. Central to every smart home subscription service is the ability to recognize these critical occupancy conditions. Enabling solutions vastly superior to today’s location-based services found in smartphones that provide non-contextualized data for the smart home, People Power’s activity detection technology is based on machine learning algorithms from in-home sensors that understand and react to resident occupancy patterns. Users can now be better served in a variety of new and compelling ways. No surprise here, People Power is the only company developing patent-pending activity detection technologies to deliver industry-best smart home solutions for security, energy conservation and care.

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IoT System – AI

Bot configuration and control made super easy.

We all see it, smart home devices rapidly gaining popularity. But they won’t become more intelligent with the conventional apps that drive them today. To do that, we next depend on the creation of machine learning ‘bot’ services that use time-series data to take simple control and personalization to the next level. People Power has spent the last 6 years preparing for this moment with our patent-pending Bot Server to help developers build intelligence on top of any internet-connected device with capabilities the original manufacturer could never have envisioned. Leading the industry, People Power’s solution enables our white-label partners to rapidly deliver AI-based differentiated consumer services to address high value market opportunities.

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IoT System – Social

Collaborating with the key people, easily.

With our solutions, every home can be part of a community of friends, family and neighbors – but without the noise and conflict often associated with today’s social media experiences. Research proves that perfectly tuned social connections will positively affect people’s health and happiness. People Power’s partnerships with leading social science research laboratories at UC Berkeley and Stanford University provide us critical data about how best to connect people for enriched experiences. Add these learnings to our expertise in developing smart home solutions for the security, energy efficiency and care markets, and we hold the ingredients for the next viral ‘killer app’, which in recent history has always depended on the ability to unite people through social connectedness.

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IoT System – UX

Simple, intuitive smart home setup and control.

It must be simple. Achieving commercial scale depends on solutions that users can easily setup and control in minutes. Not only has People Power focused on creating the industry’s most elegant out-of-box experiences that both DIY and professional installers love, but we’ve learned that people want to interact with their homes through a variety of ways in addition to a mobile app. With a team of trainable AI-based personal assistants and conversational UI technology integration, our solutions make users feel comfortable and ready to enjoy their newly equipped intelligent home. Our understanding of user perceptions – knowing what they need and value, along with their abilities and limitations – helps us build experiences that keep them happily coming back for more.

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IoT System – Privacy

It’s a requirement,
not a feature.

For the smart home to become truly intelligent, user data collection and analysis of activities is a necessity. There’s no way around it. That doesn’t mean a privacy tradeoff should exist. To the contrary, smart home data demands more robust protection than ever before. Fully aware of consumer expectations for privacy and security, we have long considered this a basic tenant of serving people around the world. With GDPR and HIPAA compliance, People Power’s IoT system is designed for strength greater than banking websites. What’s more, our system protects against modern and evolving threats of botnet attack detection and prevention. Our commitment to privacy and security is designed to make our white-label solutions stronger than any other IoT solution available today.

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IoT System – Gateways

Edge gateways make modern services possible.

For extreme reliability and low latency of in-home connected services, People Power has developed the first edge computing smart home gateway able to migrate intelligent services from the cloud to the home. This becomes essential for AI-based microservices to operate when the internet goes down, delivering service resiliency in the face of uncertain connectivity. Our embedded software SDKs enable any gateway or device to connect easily to our cloud. With future proofing in mind, our gateways use a number of protocols including Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and BLE for flexible connectivity to a wide range of devices. People Power’s patent pending edge computing gateway technology delivers a significant competitive advantage when compared to other smart home solutions.

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IoT System – Sensors

Devices tuned for intelligent IoT services.

Intelligent smart home services begin with great IoT sensors and devices, important only to the extent that they generate high-quality data to facilitate perfectly designed services. Future proofing those services begins with open connectivity to support a variety of third-party devices through many different protocols for the largest possible IoT ecosystem. While People Power supports a wide range of device manufacturers and protocols, we curate the industry’s best IoT sensors and devices to generate the highest quality data to enable the most powerful AI-based services in the smart home industry. These result in bulletproof smart home services that predict user needs, support diverse lifestyles, and are depended upon daily in the private homes of people around the world.

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IoT System – Suite

People Power IoT Suite does everything right.

A complete IoT solution must do everything right, not just a few things. The People Power IoT Suite provides the essentials for advanced consumer IoT services. To connect devices, Presto is the fastest way for unified connectivity to the cloud with an open source SDK, APIs and a developer console. For consumers, Virtuoso is our iOS, Android and web app framework for gorgeous, engaging IoT experiences. For intelligent IoT services, we are able to deploy AI-based Microservices to the smart home. For service delivery, Symphony is our scalable cloud that enables social connectedness, e-commerce and rules engines for use in any data center. For commercial IoT management, the Maestro command center helps program managers keep IoT service subscribers happy and coming back for more.