Create your own AI Assistants.

Fundamentally, we’ve moved from a mobile and cloud era of computing to an era of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence, powered exclusively by AI assistants that command recurring revenues.

Every service provider will need a more distributed, more intelligent, more autonomous computing fabric. One they can use to rapidly build, manage, and deploy real-world services that feel and act human, under their brand.

Your organization must navigate this change and emerge stronger. It's a tremendous opportunity and a huge responsibility.

AI for
Physical Spaces

People Power is the new fabric for collaboration that brings together the digital and physical world.

White-label ready applications.

It’s your business. The value of your brand should never be underestimated, or its ability to please consumers. Helping people live more safely and confidently in their homes can transform any brand to hero status – almost overnight. Why not yours? People Power can help by bringing value, differentiation and recurring revenues to your brand with advanced white-label consumer services. That’s our business. We’ve tailored the AI+IoT Platform with a launchpad of ready-to-deploy services that your team can brand and customize. Check them out, below.

Preventative health for seniors with privacy protection.

AI Caregivers never sleep. Predict, detect, and prevent falls, uncover hidden health problems, and connect caregivers in new ways while respecting privacy and boundaries.




AI Energy Services

Preventative maintenance with AI energy efficiency.

Monitor energy and predict problems with equipment. Manage energy across homes and communities while balancing comfort with costs.

Deploy recurring revenue services everywhere.

Single-family homes are deployed and managed differently than multi-dwelling unit communities. The AI+IoT Platform handles it all, with an architecture that ties everything to the physical space. Machine learning algorithms understand lifestyle patterns across unpredictable living spaces in homes, while powerful administrative consoles help communities manage hundreds of tenants with the right levels of privacy and access controls. This platform is designed to future-proof your go-to-market strategy.

Every home is different. Every lifestyle is unique.

Sparse sensor data comes together with AI to understand lifestyle patterns, even in the largest living spaces.

Legacy campuses become intelligent communities.

Optimize staff and manage tenants, energy, access, insights, and privacy at scale. Significantly increase the value of real-estate.

It's your brand.

All our services are white-label ready and language localizable. The AI+IoT Platform has undergone multiple security audits by top-tier brands across 4 continents. It’s HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant, and CCPA-compliant, and includes powerful role-based access controls for end-users and administrators.

We’ve achieved 99.999% reliability, and there are plenty of other safety nets, too. Optional cellular, battery backup, and edge computing enable homes and communities to maintain connectivity and services – even when the internet and power goes down.

Here’s how it works.

1. Bring together real-time data from anything.

Connect sensors, devices, online data sources, and even other AI engines to the AI+IoT Platform using a variety of industry-standard connectivity methods and protocols. This platform can capture and unite any type of time-series data into a full 360° view of the physical world.

Data is transformed into a common information language that connects people, experiences, and real-time AI Assistant services.

2. Invent and deploy AI assistants that feel human.

Bots are the new apps. And bots on the AI+IoT Platform are written in Python, so any developer can quickly invent and deploy their own AI assistants that generate streams of insights, communications, and actions from streaming data.

What’s more - each building, factory, vehicle, or living space can subscribe to their own bot-enabled services, from personalized maintenance to preventative medicine.

3. We integrate with your cloud.

The AI+IoT Platform is the most advanced platform ever created to handle time-series data. It can operate standalone, or as an add-on to your existing platform.

Enhance your cloud with streams of insights from the physical world. Integrate single sign-on to immediately add over 400 APIs to your platform. Partners can even create and deploy their own subscription-activated Synthetic APIs on the AI+IoT Platform to deliver powerful user experiences.


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