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Mobile Energy Management

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People Power 1.0 is the intelligent iPhone and Android Smartphone application that's free and helps manage your personal energy use to save money. Compatible with Blue Line's PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Gateway and TED 5000 Gateway™ and connected to People Power's analysis software, People Power 1.0 delivers useful energy information to your Smartphone at home or anywhere, anytime. Save money with actionable recommendations and key insights to energy use. Engage friends & family and go green with People Power 1.0 online games and social media.





Get Started

People Power is compatible with Blue Line's PowerCost Monitor™ & TED 5000™. Check out the video below on how easy it is to get started managing your energy with Blue Line and our application!

Privacy and Security

People Power keeps all individual household energy data private and we are committed to the highest level of server and internet security protocols.

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