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People Power IoT Suite

A comprehensive IoT solution for service providers and manufacturers.

The People Power IoT Suite enables rapid connection, engagement, delivery and management of IoT projects for forward-thinking business partners who understand the opportunity of delivering connected lifestyle improvements to their customers.


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IoT Suite – Connect





An open source SDK and 200 open APIs that cloud-enable IoT devices with low-cost hosting.

Presto is the fastest way to get unified connectivity to the cloud. Use our open source SDK, comprehensive APIs and developer console for free. Manufacturers can Internet-enable any device. Presto also connects to other clouds through cloud-to-cloud integrations and OAuth 2.0, and can connect with devices that are already shipping by teaching Presto how to speak that device’s language. Once connected, manufacturers can take advantage of the upper layers in the Internet of Things stack. That’s when things get really exciting.

  • HTTP GET and POST to send measurements and receive commands.
  • Both JSON and XML support, it’s the developer’s choice.
  • Bi-directional data streams with very low bandwidth, typically.
  • Less than 50 bytes per minute.
  • NAT and firewall penetration.
  • Synchronization in 0.25 – 0.50 second latency.
  • Online and offline recognition of devices and people.
  • Automatic data correction and filters.
  • Vector measurements with Hot, Medium, and Cold bucket data, for maximum database efficiency.
  • 2048-bit SSL encryption and bi-directional authentication.
  • Manage dropped connections and reliably deliver missed messages.
  • Marshal message delivery to low capability devices, keeping device costs low.
  • Broadcast and unicast messaging, sharing a single pipe.
  • Optional WebSockets for instantaneous delivery of data.
  • RTMPS and RTSP streaming protocols to connect IP cameras of all types.
  • Capture, encrypt and store large files and media.


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IoT Suite – Engage





A mobile and web app framework for great UX and unified device control.

Virtuoso is an app framework for iOS, Android and Web to enable the rapid deployment of IoT services featuring your brand. We make experiences great thanks to our team of behavioral scientists and usability researchers who learn from ethnographic studies, concept testing and the creation of wireframe mockups and cognitive walk-throughs. Enriched with this knowledge, we then create the app and perform usability testing, assuring it behaves and feels good to the user as they touch and interact with it. Our experiences are more than just a pretty face. They actually connect with people.

With Virtuoso, you can customize the user experience. For instance, you can link customers directly to social media pages to form a better relationship, and the e-commerce store service can be used to promote your devices and offerings. Our own app, Presence, is a branded version of the Virtuoso framework.

  • Virtuoso gives you the fastest time to market.
  • Virtuoso is white label ready.
  • Virtuoso is proven by the Presence-branded version.
  • Virtuoso can expand dynamically to add new services to your ecosystem.


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IoT Suite – Learn





Helping bring artificial intelligence to the masses.

People Power provides developer access to the new People Power Bot Lab and Bot Server to explore the creation of new microservices for smart homes and buildings. Bot Lab is an environment for adding new intelligence to existing devices or data sources. This enables outcomes that appeal to specific customer needs, allowing for valuable and timely service updates that address growing market opportunities. The service is complimented by People Power’s IoT Suite’s connectivity software, Presto. It provides free hosting to cloud-enable any IoT device from concept through commercial development. This allows businesses and manufacturers to integrate differentiating new features and services into legacy or in-market products. Bot Server lives in a cloud-computing environment to run intelligent microservices that operate 24/7 in the background of people’s lives.


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IoT Suite – Deliver





Massively scalable cloud IoT services with powerful analytics and trusted circles of people and things.

Symphony is a carrier-grade cloud server that includes family and community social networks, e-commerce, and a rules engine that can be deployed into any data center. It enables customer experiences that encourage sharing, competition, cooperation and social commerce. Two key components of it are Harmony – the social engagement layer – where expansion from smart homes to trusted social circles becomes a reality. And the critically acclaimed Composer – for learning analytics and automation – where data scientists and developers design and construct apps on top of any connected device.

Social Engagement Layer (Harmony): Implement social and behavioral psychology mechanisms required for powerful and engaging customer experience. Enable customer interaction, sharing, competition, cooperation, and social commerce. The expansion from individual smart homes to trusted social and community networks becomes a reality. Uniquely, it also bridges the Internet of Things with popular social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Smart Learning Analytics and Automation (Composer): Our real-time big data and smart learning services engine is the foundation for app development capable of immediately adding new value and features for residential and business IoT customers. The power of Composer lies in its ability to enable data scientists and developers to creatively build apps on top of any Internet-connected device. Unlike a mobile app, apps for the Internet of Things operate 24/7 in the background to automate tasks, notify users of important events, generate monthly reports, learn a user’s or appliance’s patterns and behaviors, and connect service providers with their customer base without being over-alerted.


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IoT Suite – Manage





A command center to support end users to keep them coming back for more.

Maestro is working somewhere around the world at this very moment, making things better for programs and their participants. Maestro is a command center that enables IoT device management and services across a large user base. With Maestro, there’s finally a tool to enroll users, support their needs, issue challenges and offer rewards to keep them engaged. Easily.

Maestro’s role-based access allows administrators to manage users under their own organization. Or super administrators have the power to deploy the capabilities of Maestro to multiple organizations, granting each access to their own installation.

  • Manage customers and devices; deliver alerts and updates; view customer sensors status.
  • Allow participant enrollment in programs and grouping according to specific configurations.
  • Communicate to smartphones users directly.